About me

Hi everyone! I’m Alba Martinez and I’m all about creating art. I jumped into the art world during the 2021 pandemic. Despite being discouraged by a teacher when I was younger, I decided to give art a shot as a way to express myself. I chose acrylic pouring because it lets me create cool stuff without needing tons of training.

I’ve starter like many artists today, during the pandemic of 2021. Back then I always wanted to express myself through art but having told in at a young age by one of my teachers that I had no talent I put that dream aside.

However, I decided to give it a go anyways but with a style of art that didn’t require years of training and yet I could express myself.

So I deciding to chose acryling pouring.

What attracted me the most to this type of art, is that not two pieces are exactly alike, but mainly, that the art chooses the viewer, since each person can see a different aspect of the painting that perhaps no one else have thought of.

So, feel free to browse my shop, as I’m sure you will find something that will help you express your personality on a canvas.


Alba Martinez photo